Personal experience with adoption gives Shannon a genuine understanding of the process – emotionally and legally.


If you are seeking guardianship of a loved one, Shannon will work with you to develop a plan that will allow you to effectively take care of your loved one.


Having a clear plan for a person’s estate after death can lessen the burden on grieving families.

Estate Planning

Nearly everyone has an estate. Your estate is made up of everything you own: your car, investments, checking and savings accounts, home, mineral interests or other real estate, life insurance, and other possessions.

Family Law

Compassionate guidance and representation for family law matters, including adoption, guardianship, child custody, same-sex domestic partnership agreements, probate/estate, wills and trusts.


Mediation is an interactive process wherein both parties of a dispute are guided toward their own resolution, saving the parties time and money.

Custody Law

Custody disputes can have a devastating impact on your family. You need an attorney who understands.

Other Areas

Do you have questions about other related areas of the law, or aren’t sure where to start? For more information, call (405) 602-8446.