Having a clear plan for a person’s estate after death can lessen the burden on grieving families. In some instances, however, the decedent’s loved ones must address the distribution of his or her assets without a plan in place. I represent families regardless of their level of preparedness and have served as a compassionate guide throughout probate cases and processes.

What is probate law?

Probate is a court-supervised process by which a deceased’s assets
and liabilities are managed and distributed. It is important that probate
occurs as soon as possible as there are many time-sensitive procedures to
address, such as preserving assets and giving notice to creditors.

Trusted Oklahoma Probate Representation

A death in the family can be devastating and overwhelming. Our
goal is to bring peace to the chaos by working closely with the personal
representative (also called an executor or administrator) throughout the
probate process and to settle the final affairs of the deceased expeditiously
and compassionately.

What do you and your family need in order to prepare for probate in Oklahoma?

  • Probate court petition: File for a petition that identifies you as the executor or personal representative of the will (or the administrator if there is no will).
  • Death certificate: A death certificate needs to be obtained from the Oklahoma State Department of Health.
  • Original will of the deceased: An original will must be filed in the district court in the county where the decedent lived.
  • List of known assets and liabilities.

Not all estates are required to go through probate. Some estates
are considered “small” and do not require court supervision. Certain assets may
not be subject to probate.

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