Mediation is an interactive process wherein both parties of a
dispute are guided toward their own resolution, saving the parties time and
money. In contrast to court litigation, Mediation offers the parties the opportunity
to retain control over the outcome of their dispute.

Experienced Guidance through Mediation

Our mediation process begins with getting to know the needs and desires of both parties. We begin by interviewing each party to develop a plan to meet in the middle. Once a roadmap has been outlined, we bring parties together to discuss the finer details of the settlement. This approach creates opportunities for both parties to have a voice and to find peace with compromise.

Certified by the Oklahoma Supreme Court to provide mediation services, we work patiently to open dialogue, improve empathy, and find ways to help those in conflict agree on a fair solution to their disputes. We facilitate, rather than direct, resolution between parties in a calm, neutral environment. We provide mediation services in family matters that include child custody, estate planning, probate, and adult and child guardianship.

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