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Adoption is usually an exciting time for those welcoming a new family member. However, it can also be a stressful, emotional, and sometimes sensitive time, particularly for a biological mother seeking to place a child for adoption, as well as the biological father of such a child. Regardless of your role in an adoption, I will provide you with legal advice and guidance that is tailored to your family and your particular situation. I have been providing experienced, compassionate and committed representation in adoption cases throughout the area since 2005.

Representation for Wide Range of Adoptions

Personal experience with adoption gives me a genuine understanding of how adoption can affect individuals and families. I handle private or agency-managed adoptions and frequently work with Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) on adoptions of children in State custody. I provide assistance with a wide range of adoptions, including:

  • Open adoption: In open adoptions, the birth parents and adoptive family may have an existing relationship or have developed a relationship in connection with the adoption.  Personal information may be freely exchanged and there may be a desire to continue ongoing contact with each other and/or the child(ren) even after the adoption is completed.
  • Closed adoption: In a closed adoption, the birth parents and adoptive family may have limited or no information about each other and there is typcially no post-adoption contact between them or the child(ren) being adopted.
  • Step-parent adoption: There are many reasons a step-parent may want to adopt step-children and assume the legal rights and responsibilities of a biological parent.
  • Private adoption: Sometimes a family has a direct connection with the birth mother and will work directly with her, or her attorney, to complete the adoption process, without involvement of an adoption agency or the State (DHS).
  • Agency-managed adoption: In these adoptions, a private adoption agency or state agency (DHS) matches potential adoptive parents with birth parents and/or children, and many handle termination of the biological parents’ rights.  An attorney is needed to ensure proper termination of parental rights has occurred and that the child is eligible for adoption, and to finalize the adoption process.

I assist:

  • Prospective adoptive families
  • Married and Unmarried persons
  • Traditional and non-traditional family units
  • Grandparents and extended relatives
  • Step-parents
  • Biological mother or father in relinquishment and termination of parental rights

In addition to handling uncontested adoptions, I also represent clients in a variety of contested adoption situations, including appointments to represent children being adopted (Guardian ad litem). These situations may arise, for example, if a birth parent challenges a step-parent adoption.  I also provide advice and representation to biological parents regarding their rights and obligations and can assist with the relinquishment and termination of parental rights and obligations.  (NOTE: I cannot and will not represent a biological parent in the same case wherein I represent the adoptive family). I represent all families with a focus on same-sex families and issues.

When I represent clients in an adoption, I provide personal, one-on-one attention. I educate my clients about general adoption questions, their options, rights, and responsibilities, allowing them to make an informed decision about their family.

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