Guardianship is a legal means for gaining control over a minor child or incompetent adult, for purposes of assisting with such person’s daily care needs and/or management of a financial estate (assets and liabilities). Guardianships are technically temporary in nature as they do not sever parental rights over a minor child and a guardian can be removed for good cause shown, such as failure to properly care for the ward, mismanagement of finances or breach of fiduciary duty, among others.  Although technically temporary in nature, it is not uncommon for guardianship of a minor to last the entirety of the child’s minority, or for a guardian over an adult to remain appointed as such until the adult ward’s death.  The guardianship process starts with filing a petition for guardianship in Oklahoma and includes creating a plan for the care and maintenance of the ward, and obtaining the Court’s appointment to serve as guardian. Guardianships can be a matter of necessity or of convenience. 

Trusted Guardianship Attorney in Oklahoma City

Some guardianship cases can be difficult experiences for those involved and we recognize the emotional toll the process can take on family members. We help our guardianship clients navigate the process and develop confidence prior to their guardianship hearings. We guide families through the administrative tasks of establishing guardianship and on carrying out appropriate duties, so we act as advocates for both guardians and their loved ones.

We have been trusted to represent parties in the following guardianship situations:

  • Families of individuals with terminal illnesses.
  • Parents of adult children with special needs.
  • Families of elderly who have become physically or mentally incapacitated.
  • Families of minor children whose parents have suddenly died.
  • Situations where parents are unable to adequately care for a child or children, short-term or long-term.
  • As a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem and as a court-appointed financial guardian to monitor and protect an incompetent ward’s financial resources.
  • Instances when a parent must travel for extended periods or chooses to move out of state for education or work-related matters.
  • We also serve as a Guardian of the Estate, or Financial Guardian, for minor and elderly Wards.

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