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Oklahoma City Family Law Attorney

Compassionate Lawyer for Difficult Family Law Matters

When people in the Oklahoma City region need a compassionate lawyer who understands both the legal and personal effects of a family law problem, they can count on my law firm.

I am Shannon D. Taylor, an Oklahoma City family law attorney who provides compassionate guidance and representation for divorce and child custody, and other family law matters, including adoption, guardianship, probate/estate administration, and wills and trusts. I personally understand the effects of divorce on a family and children, and have personal experience with adoption, giving me a genuine understanding of the complexities my clients’ family law needs.

Efficient, Empathetic Representation

After working many years in various law office positions, I decided to go to law school to become an attorney. I graduated law school and was admitted to the Oklahoma Bar in 2005. Since then, I have combined my life experience with my formal education and training to provide efficient, empathetic and dedicated representation to numerous clients in various types of family law matters.

My clients like that my representation is:

  • Compassionate: Because I have personal experience with family law matters, I can empathize with the difficult situations my clients are facing. This empathy and understanding gives me a better perspective on the legal aspects of their cases.
  • Attentive: When clients hire with me, they work one-on-one with me, an attorney who cares about the impact of their legal problems on their lives. They will not be handed over to an associate or legal assistant.
  • Efficient: I know that my clients have specific financial needs, and I provide legal representation that is efficient and cost-effective. I do not take unnecessary steps that only result in extra expense.

When I represent clients in family law matters involving children, I work to resolve my clients’ legal issues in a manner that protects my clients while being mindful of the effects this can have on children. When appropriate for the circumstances, I am in favor of using mediation, negotiation, and collaborative law to help my clients reach a swift and amicable agreement in their family law matter. I am also a mediator, certified by the Oklahoma Supreme Court in 2005.

Not every case can be resolved amicably, some cases require litigation. When it is in my client’s best interests, I am a willing and capable advocate in the courtroom.

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My office is open weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and evening, weekend and/or off-site appointments are available by appointment.

Call (405) 602-8446 and learn how I can help you with your family law problem. You may also contact me online.